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High-end professional materials help high-power devices release their potential

Material products and technology

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    Multilayer heat sink
    • Multilayer heat sink is made of multilayer composite materials such as CPC(Cu-MoCu-Cu)、CMC(Cu-Mo-Cu)etc.

    • High thermal conductivity and adjustable CTE.

    • Widely meet the heat dissipation requirements of the third generation semiconductor packages.

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    Microchannel heat sink
    • Apply on semiconductor laser packaging for heat dissipation.

    • Small volume, high heat exchange efficiency and less coolant consumption.

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    Diamond Cu Heat Sink
    • Diamond copper heat sink is a composite of copper and diamond particle.

    • Super high thermal conductivity,low CTE and resistance.

    • Thermal conductivity can reach up to above 800W/m·K.

    • Good thermal shock resistance.

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    Ceramic substrate
    • Excellent thermal conductivity, bending strength and high temperature resistance.

    • The reliability and consistency of products have been recognized by international brands.

    • The product matrix covers Si3N4, ZTA and Al2O3, which can be customized.