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The world's leading RF and power device enterprise

Suzhou Watech Electronics Co., Ltd.(abbreviation: Watech), founded on March , 2010.  the company is a platform semiconductor company with multi link underlying core technology of the Semiconductor industry chain and coordinated development of multi field layout. The company mainly engages in the research and development, production, and sales of RF series products, power series products, and high-end heat dissipation materials, and provides high-power sealing and testing services. The products can be widely used in high-power scenarios such as communication base stations, photovoltaic power generation and storage, semiconductor equipment, intelligent terminals, new energy vehicles, and industrial control.

  • Main focus on RF and Power business

  • It is the world leading supplier of RF power amplifier devices and power semiconductor devices

  • Focus on the IoE and digital energy applications

  • 800+


  • 250+

    E&C Employee

Watech's Value

  • Excellence

    We look for ways to innovate and improve every day. Being a role model for others and enabling team work.

  • Openness

    We value open-mindedness, sustainable development and promote to pursue new opportunities and domain breakthroughs.

  • Sharing

    We value the diversity of experiences, skills and ideas by promoting knowledge sharing and enjoy watching others to growth. 

  • Effort

    We strive to to be proficient and master our fields,honor our commitments and seek for responsibility of our work.


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  • 2022
    • Leapfrog Development

    • Mass production of 1 million pieces ACS RF high-power products in Yaohua Assembly and test 

    • Mass production of Super IGBT, single tube SiC MOSFET and industrial grade IGBT/SiC modules

    • Mass production of the first power IC chip

    • As of Aug.2022, LDMOS chip shipment exceeded 150 million pieces

  • 2021
    • Continuous Innovation

    • Beijing and Shenzhen office founded

    • Mass production of 1200V FS IGBT

    • Mass production of 650V and 1200V SiC SBD

  • 2020
    • Merge & Expand business

    • Merge Foshan Huazhi Renewable Material Co., LTD

    • Changsha Yaohua Assembly & test factory founded

    • Launched the first RF LDMOS MMIC chip for small base station in China

  • 2019
    • Striving for Excellence

    • Shanghai R&D Center founded

    • The total shipment of base station RF LDMOS products has exceeded 10 million

    • To mass-produce the first RF LDMOS RF power chip sleeve scheme for mobile communication Massive MIMO macro base station in China

  • 2018
    • LDMOS Large Scale Production

    • ISO9001:2005 Certificated

    • More than 20 million RF LDMOS shipped annually

  • 2017
    • R&D Breakthrough

    • Mass production of the first radio frequency power chip of 4G LTE base station in China

    • Won the national high-tech enterprise qualification

  • 2015
    • R&D to Mass Production

    • Mass production of the first high power RF power chip for GSM base station in China

  • 2014
    • Focus on LDMOS R&D

    • Research and development of high-performance RF power amplifier tube based on LDMOS

  • 2010
    • Company Founded

    • Start RF LDMOS


Watech won 2021-2022 China IGBT Innovation Award

On August 18, 2022, the 2022 World Semiconductor Conference hosted by China Semiconductor Industry Association, and China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute and other departments was held.  Watech has been leading the world in the field of power device technology for many years, and won the "2021-2022 China IGBT Innovation Award".

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