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Suzhou Watech Electronics Sets Foot in Singapore

Company updates

2023-12-20 16:21



A Suzhou Semiconductor Industry Company has established it’s international headquarters locally to expand overseas markets and establish a global supply chain system to better provide international customers with leading-performance products and services.


Suzhou Watech Electronic Co., Ltd., (abbreviation ‘Watech’) founded in 2010, possesses core technologies across various segments of the semiconductor industry and has diversified its presence in the technology sector. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of radio frequency series products, power series products and high-end heat dissipation materials, and provides high-power assembly and test businesses. Products can be widely used in high-power scenarios including communication base stations, photovoltaic power generation and energy storage, semiconductor equipment, intelligent terminals, new EV, and industrial control. The headquarter will house departments for research, business development, sales and marketing development, application engineering, and other functional departments in Singapore to provide customers with timely technical and product selection support for the existing five different product lines (RF, Power Electronics, SoC, Analog, and Material).


The Global Headquarter is currently located in CSSD, an organization dedicated established aiming in faciliating enterprise incubation

With the support of the "Global/Regional Headquarters Plan" of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Watech’s international headquarters in Singapore has been established with succession. Aiming to collect information based on customer needs, expand markets and businesses for existing customers, and develop customized products for strategic key customers.


The opening has held significant attention in Singapore, our opening ceremony has has been published in the Business, Singapore's Local Media

This layout of Watech stems from Singapore's geographical location, which is a concentration of packaging and testing of the semiconductor industry chain. Combined with its free and open trade environment will accelerate the pace of Watech’s internationalization. The establishment of a global headquarters in Singapore will help customers secure their supply chains. More importantly, it will set the stage for global deployment and provide customers with more efficient and secure services.